Cost of Operations

The Cost of Operations calculator is a tool to help project the costs associated with running an RO system. We have defaulted in some common values, but please change any of the values shown to give a more accurate calculation of operating costs for your proposed RO system in your area of the world.

Unit of Measure:
RO Specifications
RequiredProduct Water Flow: gpm
RequiredRO Recovery: %
RO Feed Flow: gpm
RO Concentrate: gpm
RO Model:
RequiredHours/Day of Operation: hours
RequiredDays/Year of Operation: days
RequiredCost of Electricity: $ /kWh
RequiredPower: VAC
RequiredPower Frequency: Hz
RequiredRO Pump Efficiency: %
RequiredRO Pump Pressure: psig
RequiredMotor Efficiency:
Chlorine: $ per pound
Ferric Sulfate: $ per pound
Sulfuric Acid: $ per pound of 100%
Citric Acid: $ per pound of 100%
Hydrochloric Acid: $ per pound of 100%
Sodium Bisulfite: $ per pound
Antiscalant: $ per pound
Sodium Hydroxide: $ per pound
Pretreatment Dosage Rate
Chlorine: ppm
Ferric Sulfate: ppm
RO Inlet
Sulfuric Acid: ppm
Citric Acid: ppm
Hydrochloric Acid: ppm
Sodium Bisulfite: ppm
Antiscalant: ppm
Product Water
Sodium Hydroxide: ppm
Chlorine: ppm
RO Membrane
RequiredRO Membrane Replacement: years
Required# of RO Membranes:
RequiredPrice Per RO Membrane: $ per membrane element
Typical prices are $550 for 8" and $200 for 4" membrane elements
Cartridge Replacement
RequiredCartridge Filters Replaced: days
RequiredFilter Cost: $ per ten inches equivalent (TIE)
RequiredCleaning Frequency: days
RequiredCleaner Cost: $ per pound of cleaner chemical
RequiredChemical Types Used:
RequiredSize of Cleaning Tank: gallons
Maintenance Costs
RequiredCost of Water: $ per 1000 gallons of feed water
RequiredCost of Sewer: $ per 1000 gallons of discharged water
RequiredLabor minutes per day
RequiredCost of Labor: $ per hour